Instructions for buying ANYCO tokens on the Waves platform

pre-ico runs on the platform ERC20 and WavesDex. To participate in pre-ico on the erc20 platform you need to send an etherium to this address 0x7EA513320779354d9d2A6eEA707aC34394aff30e After that, our tokens ANYCO will be sent to your wallet. The number of tokens depends on the amount sent. 1 token is equivalent to $ 10 at the exchange rate on the day of dispatch. On Waves Dex platform you can buy ANYCO tokens only for USD (USD / ANYCO) This is done so that the price of the token is exactly $ 10 For instructions on buying ANYCO on the Waves platform, see below. Further, these tokens you can use to create an online store and a promotion on the platform

Browser client Waves Waves extension on Chrome

1. Create a new account on the Waves Platform at and make sure that you have safely saved your wallet SEED, or install the WavesLiteApp extension using the Chrome browser.
2. Fill your account with Bitcoin or Etherium. h
3. You only need 0.003 Waves to pay for the commission platform. The first transaction is free. Further commission will be deducted automatically when buying Waves. You can also fund your Waves wallet with
4. Go to the Waves Exchange page, and in the left window write ANYCO and select anyco2L9piWsMG4dZ84WgybXa9SPYFhyBEiP5fcv1BmJ9Gy7X from the list. *Note that the ANYCO tokens have a green checkmark at the beginning, which means that they have been verified on the Waves platform. Please beware of fakes, do not buy other tokens similar in name to ANYCO which do not have a green check mark.
5. If everything is done correctly, then you should see ANY / BTC as a trading pair.
6. Scroll down on the left table "anyco sell orders" click on the top order for the sale of ANYCO. After that, the fields for “Buy Anyco” on the right table for creating a purchase order will be automatically filled in. You manually enter yor desired quantity, Then click "Buy" and buy ANYCO. If you want to sell ANYCO, you can put them on sale at a profitable price in the "sell anyco" section.
7. Click on the "Portfolio" tab to view the ANYCO tokens you have purchased.

For early high volume investors, you can buy ANYCO tokens with a bonus of x2 and x4, please send your request and we will give you the investment guidelines. Write to us if you have any requests at mail

Thank You Very Much!
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